Why Bored Dogs Race Club ?

We are not only a collection of 6066 epic Profile Pictures or Picture for Proof (PfP). We are a community driven project that does everything to bring people together for common good. 

We chose to use dogs for our profile pictures because we love dogs for both social purposes and companionship. Our dogs love cats , we no worries if you are a cat person!

We chose to be a race club, because we are going to build a world class online race track so our dogs can compete in a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that will run on Solana blockchain. We are already working on our Bored Dogs Token ($BDT) which will have 200,000,000 tokens in circulation ready for you to win. 

Having our NFTs give us unique opportunity to earn our coins (paid by our $BDT) . That’s going a bit far into our vision. While the vision helps us get a direction of where we will be, our focus now is on building our Bored Dogs Community towards achieving our mission of entertaining and educating you. 

Our mission is to entertain and educate you and yours. We will try to take everything one step at a time. Our first step will be to host several online animation videos for you on the youtube and maintain an active DISCORD

Our determinations is to bring a lot into this NFT project towards making it a brand that is top rated in the NFT ecosystem. Eventually we will build something big. You now have the idea of Bored Dogs Race Club community. 

We do not want to promise so much at this time  nevertheless here is a sneak peek of  our roadmap


NFT Minting whitelist 30th April,2022 to 3rd May 2022

Public Mint starts at 10th May – 30th May 2022

(by that time we will freeze and move on with the number of mints we have), if we are able to SELL OUT by them bravo!

Met A Bored Dogs ?

Bored dogs are powerful, loyal, obedient and playful. They will be there in the Solana online game metaverse for hunting , sporting, fighting in combat or just pure companions in your metaverse world.

Wait a minute, your bored dogs  need to be trained and provided with the right gear. When it comes to racing, the strongest survives and the weak ones fail. Those without our tokens ($BDT) can never excel!

The aim is to gather more coins before the grand finale. It is an Ecosystem game based on the competition between individual dogs and sometimes group of dogs (forming a team to leverage on each other’s strengths) to get our coins, whoever collects the largest amount will be the winner.

 Eventually lots of coins can be used to breed a super dog that will get more coins easily , and more money. More money! It is going to be a lot of fun, bigger that a football tournament! Or rather World Cup! That’s the vision but lets us take it one step at a time.

 Okay, before we forget let us inform you that in the Bored Dogs Community we will give different types of NFTs the first level is 2D OG NFTs , these are the most valued and will help us to generate funds towards achieving the vision and mission! 

The second type of NFTs are going to be 3D that will be used in designing the games. The 2D holders will have their NFTs transformed into 3D once they join the game platform or we will airdrop the 3Ds and some $BDT to their wallets directly.


The road map is in phases and will be implemented subject to availability of funds and investments. The Bored Dogs Community will have a DAO to manage the process. All NFT holders are members of the DAO. The more NFTs you have the more influence in the DAO. Afterall, it’s your investment, of time and resources!

We will support charities the help individuals get access to information and communication technologies in especially the third world countries. We will also support dog charities in the developed world (okay we will think about the cats!)

The Character and Traits of Bored Dogs NFTs

It is a common practice to have a base character and several traits to make an NFT collection but our case is different. It is the dogs that are bored not the Play-to-Earn, so we have basic designs for the 2D collection but our 3D dogs for the games will defiantly be superb and in various shapes, sizes and traits. 

There will be many breeds of dogs in the 3D collection   to make the ecosystem exciting. We will have 5 to 10 different characters, and all will be  carefully designed by artists around the world. All of the traits and characters will be individually crafted by the best hands and technology  and all traits will be  separately drawn to match its designated collection.


The DAO owners decide direction of 40% of all Royalties and 60% will go to founding members of the Bored Dogs Race Club which will be eventually used for research , improvement and development of the project (especially the game) 

The first 100 NFTs are guaranteed special bonuses to be announced after 100% minting (or at least when we decide to freeze the minting by 30th May, 2022) 

Timeline for the revised roadmap will be decided in the DAO. All discussions will be in the DISCORD 


Bored Dogs 3D NFT Collections whitelist will be decided by the DAO this is when  the community matures and gets to know the project as well as one another.

The 2D NFT collection would have completed its whitelist by 3rd May, 2022.

 The 2D NFT collections will have active members of the DAO given automatic whitelist. The future 3D collections whitelist will be based on the number of 2D NFTs held by a DAO members and decisions arrived at during DAO meetings 

Pre-Sale Launch

This will be a three day period where anyone can get a Bored Dogs NFT at  0.01 SOL within 3 days and to ten pieces of NFT per transaction. Thereafter we proceed with public launch for 0.02 SOL or higher, depending on the marketing and promotion costs

Public Launch

From this point on, the minting price will be  0.02 SOL or higher until sold out.

The Reveal

At this point, all currently minted Bored Dogs NFTs will be revealed on the marketplace we have decided to launch the project! To celebrate such an important event, we will airdrop of 3 rare Bored Dogs to 3 Holders – just a surprise! We will work hard to get the NFTs listed on several marketplaces in the NFT ecosystem. 

RARITY – a rarity app will be developed and fully integrated with extensions 

Phase 01

After minting 6066 Bored Dogs, the shop opens to our holders. During this phase, the first 10 to 20 lucky minters will be able to claim and receive cash prizes in form of SOL sent to their wallets. They might also receive merchandize items for free. The items may include T-shirts, Key holders, Caps etc.
Periodically, within each year NFT holders will be able to participate in raffles and contest to be announced withing the DAO Holders of special NFTs such as Pizza accessories, or cowboy hats etc. we participate in special weekly giveaway events etc.

Phase 02

Until we launch Phase Three, we will periodically hold raffles and giveaways for our Bored Dogs NFT holders, with various rewards, including AirDrops and cash prizes
During the phase 02 we will launch online animation entertainment and educational videos on a dedicated youtube channel

Phase 03

The DAO, this will be the community where all decisions will be made and giveaways decided. The direction of the NFT Play-to-Earn game will also be decided by the NFT holders.
Play-to-Earn development completed.
The beta game launched.
The Bored Dogs Coins launched.
Version 1 alpha testing Bored Dogs Race launched.
More details and timelines will be revealed in a future version of the whitepaper.

Phase 04

At this stage we are a fully committed brand


Frequency Asked Questions

Bored Dogs Race Club (BDRC) is a community that owns Bored Dogs NFT collection consisting of 6066 generative art pieces. We also own the Bored Dogs Token ($BDT). Owning a Bored Dogs NFT is your ticket to entertainment and adventure. The Bored Dogs NFT gives you access to DAO membership benefits and features. Bored Dogs are more than just an NFT, we are building a community and brand. Bored Dogs is a visionary and revolutionary global brand, that is owned by the BDRC DAO community.

You will be able to mint a Bored Dog in our public minting sale on our website. Participating actively in our Discord will help you get whitelisted if the community decides to whitelist for any giveaways. To mint our NFT you will need a Solana walled preferably Slope wallet. Load your SOL wallet with at least the mint price of a single NFT and connect the wallet to the website and click the mint button. Approve the transaction in the popup, when the transaction is confirmed, the NFT will be in your wallet.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. They can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more. Some say it’s the future of art!

Each Bored Dog will be minted at 0.01 SOL or higher + Gas and will be limited to 10 per transactions per wallet during the whitelist and 0.02 SOL or higher + Gas during the public mint

Yes, 1000 or less will be held for the team, marketing and giveaways. If necessary we can buy back if we find sometimes the floor price is too low, the maintain value of your assets

Your Bored Dog NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the Bored Dog. You can see your freshly minted NFT directly on your Magic Eden, Solanart or recently Opensea and many other platforms that are also allowing Solana NFTs.

You can do whatever you want! Hold it, sell it… the choice is yours! We’d love for you to be a long-term valued member of our Bored Dogs Race Club, so if you hold the NFT we’d love for you to be with us along this amazing journey we’re all taking together! We have a long and sustainable journey. We will in future give you opportunity to stake your NFT for our animation videos etc.

Well, we are not financial advisors but yeah, we are committed to the brand! At least we believe that our brand will excel and become global. Bored Dogs will continue to grow, from NFTs (2D and 3D) to play to earn games to merchandize, possibilities are endless. We have a long term vision and we are putting our heart and mind to it! We have just begun and have many interesting goals, objectives, activities and milestones to achieve ahead. Join us and together we will take the project to the moon!


Bored Dogs Race Club was created by friends who set out to build a brand on the blockchain. We want to test our business skills and build a dream.


Business Manager

Garga is a PhD Student (Business and Management) in University of Zambia (UNZA). He has MSc (Project management) University of Salford, Manchester, UK, Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics (PGPDSBA) The McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, USA and Certificate in Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Wageningen University, Netherlands (Nuffic Scholarship). Bachelor’s in technology (Statistics), Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria


Creative mind

Business Development and Community Manager – Connects with potential partners and promotes the nft projects longevity. A Makeup artist and Small Business owner, she is an MSc Student of International Affairs and Diplomacy, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria – Nigeria. A graduate of Biochemistry – Bayero University Kano. Artist and mum.



Product Manager/Marketer. Responsible for promoting the NFT project to new audiences via multiple channels. She has MSc in Development Studies ,Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) and a graduate degree in Biochemistry from Crescent University, Abeokuta (CUAB), an orator with great IT and Crypto experience. She believes in proper planning and the right personnel engaged on projects, targeted objectives can be achieved. She works in the civil society sector and is passionate about women, human rights and rights to privacy, self-expression, freedom from torture and inhumane treatment



Graphic Designer and NFT Expert. Sets creative vision and in charge of overall direction of nft art work, based in Indonesia . Has 6 years experience in the creative industry. Bachelor of Arts, Wearnes Education Center, Indonesia. BNSP certification in Motion Graphic 2D. Has made over 1000 digital artworks like illustration, t-shirt design, mascot, and NFT project.


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a group of people who have entered into a contract with one another to reach a coordinated goal, in our case our DAO activities is coordinated within our Discord. We have three individuals responsible for day-to-day running of the discord. This team of discord admins and moderators are the first go-to when Bored Dogs Race Club NFT holders encounter an issue in a server.


Discord Administrator

He manages the discord servers based on established rules for participation. Responsible for managing invitations to join the serve . Manages invites, bans, or suspends people who violate the server’s rules transparently. Ensures that the discord is a fun place to be always


Discord Administrator

Has broad administrative control and manages community members complains. Adds or removes members and when necessary cautions or removes moderators


Discord Administrator

Moderates Bored Dogs Race Club (BDRC) Discord sever. Making sure that sure that no bots or bad persons interfere in our community. Makes sure that the discord server is a safe, healthy environment for everyone. Moderates or delete messages